Ada Kotipathi

Sri Lanka’s Development Lotteries Board (DLB) has a big range of games for players to choose from. Ada Kotipathi is one of the favorites. The game appeals to people since drawings take place seven days per week. There are multiple prize tiers and some cool opportunities to win an award.

If you’ve never played Ada Kotipathi in the past, you may be wondering whether the lottery is legitimate and how exactly you can participate. The following guide aims to answer these questions, and a lot more, you may want to find out about this DLB Sri Lankan game.

Ada Kotipathi: Rules and How to Play

Ada Kotipathi has simple and straightforward rules. You have a pool of 77 numbers. Choose four of those for a chance to claim the jackpot or one of the smaller prize tiers. On top of those, you will also have to pick an English letter from the entire alphabet. Thus, your ticket entry is going to look something like this – 1, 29, 52, 74 + M.

Each daily drawing is televised and broadcast live at 9:30 pm local Sri Lankan time on Channel 1. Ticket sales for the day close shortly before the drawing takes place, and if you’re late, your entry will be submitted for the next day’s drawing.

Every single ticket for participation in an Ada Kotipathi drawing costs 20 Sri Lankan rupees or slightly over 0.10 USD. The very affordable ticket price is yet another reason why the lottery is popular regardless of the fact it’s not characterized by the best odds out there.

It’s interesting to point out that a ticket for each of the daily drawings comes with its specific color. The color is also the one that the drawing is often referred as (red is for the Monday drawing, light blue – for Tuesday, pink – for Wednesday and so on).

You can get your Ada Kotipathi tickets from any of the DLB licensed and authorized retail venues throughout Sri Lanka. There’s no reason to worry about the ticket purchase or an eventual scam – DLB operates under presidential supervision and local regulations that were enforced to launch a national lottery.

As with all other national games, some of the proceeds generated through Ada Kotipathi ticket sales go to support charitable initiatives and social causes. Hence, you will be contributing to the wellbeing of your community by giving the lottery a responsible try.

There are no restrictions as to the nationality of people who can buy lottery tickets in Sri Lanka. As long as you’re staying in the country legally, you can test your luck.

Ada Kotipathi Prizes

Ada Kotipathi underwent one significant change in August 2017. At the time, the jackpot for the game was increased to 50 million rupees from the previous amount. This changing market a huge surge in the popularity of Ada Kotipathi. Ever since the new top tier award was announced, the game has helped 13 people become millionaires.

To win the 50-million-rupee jackpot, you will have to match both the four main numbers and the letter for the respective drawing. If somebody else accomplishes the same, the 50 million rupees will be divided equally.

Apart from the jackpot, there are eight additional prize tiers.

The second biggest award is handed to those who match the four main numbers. Those lucky Ada Kotipathi players will win one million rupees.

Matching three main numbers and the letter results in a prize of 100,000 rupees. Next, people who match three numbers or two numbers and the letter will win 1,000 rupees.

The lowest prize tier belongs to those who match a number or the letter solely. In that event, the award will be 20 rupees.

There are no stipulations on the DLB website as to how prizes should be claimed. DLB does, however, provide a telephone hotline. If you win anything from Ada Kotipathi, get in touch with DLB soon to find out the specifics.

Usually, small sums will be available immediately at the authorized retail agencies. You’ll need to bring the winning ticket and a form of ID. For a more substantial amount, you will probably have to visit the DLB claim center, and there will be some waiting period before the payout is issued.

Sri Lankan lottery winners do have to pay the state a lottery tax. There’s a five percent income tax that will apply to any sum you’ve won from a DLB or another legitimate Sri Lankan lottery. If you are a foreigner, you may have to think about double taxation issues.

Ada Kotipathi Results: Where and How to Check Them

Checking out the latest Ada Kotipathi result quickly will be imperative to begin the prize claim process in the event of winning anything. Remember, DLB doesn’t provide any information about the timeframe winners have to come forward. Hence, the sooner you find out if your ticket is winning, the better.

You can rely on several strategies for checking the Ada Kotipathi results.

Watching the televised drawing will give you immediate access to the latest Ada Kotipathi result. You can also see the daily results in all of the DLB authorized retail venues. The DLB website carries the latest information, as well as an Ada Kotipathi results archive.

We are also dedicated to giving you detailed, accurate, and reliable information about Sri Lankan lotteries. Here, you can check the latest Ada Kotipathi result, and you will also find a hot/cold number prediction tool. Don’t hesitate to use this information to enhance your chances of lottery success.

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