Development Fortune

Development Fortune or Sanwardana Wasana

The Development Lotteries Board (DLB) in Sri Lanka has some intriguing game concepts, and its lotteries rank among the most popular in the country. While they’re not that easy to win due to the specifics of the odds and the gameplay mechanisms, the rewards justify the spending on a ticket.

Development Fortune or Sanwardana Wasana is one of these games.

DLB introduced the first lotteries on the Sri Lankan market back in 1983. Shanida Wasana was the first game, and Sanwardana Wasana followed soon after. The inaugural draw took place on October 9, 1998. This became the second DLB game to have its drawing televised and broadcast live across the country.

Sanwardana Wasana quickly became so popular that the number of weekly drawings was increased from the original two. While this trend didn’t last and we’re back to two weekly drawings now, Development Fortune is a lottery worth exploring.

How to Play Development Fortune

Just like most other DLB games, Sanwardana Wasana is a multi-component lottery. You will need to mark several distinctive fields on your ticket for a chance to win a prize.

For a start, you will have to select three main numbers in the range from one to 70. Next, choose an additional number from one to nine. The final thing you will need to mark on the Development Fortune ticket is one English letter from the entire alphabet.

All three components will need to match the numbers and letters drawn for a chance to win the Sanwardana Wasana jackpot.

Drawings take place two times per week – on Wednesday s and Fridays. It is customary for the Development Lotteries Board to issue tickets in different colors for the different drawings. Thus, the Wednesday Sanwardana Wasana ticket is blue, and the Friday ticket is red.

You can watch the drawing televised and broadcast live at 9:30 p.m. on Sri Lanka Rupavahini. Ticket sales for the day close shortly before the drawing is scheduled to take place.

To buy your tickets, you will need to visit any of the authorized DLB retail venues throughout Sri Lanka. These are branded and easily distinguishable. When you are at the venue, choose the numbers and letters you would like to play with or opt for the quick pick option. If you opt for the second possibility, the ticket combo will be randomly generated by the lottery software.

At the time being, DLB does not offer an online ticket buying option. While there’s an app you can use to check Sanwardana Wasana results, digital tickets aren’t available as of yet.

It isn’t possible to buy Sanwardana Wasana tickets if you’re not in Sri Lanka. International online lottery agencies do not support games from the country. Your only chance to participate is to be in Sri Lanka at the time of the purchase. Your nationality doesn’t matter – DLB does not discriminate among players or introduce restrictions. Foreigners who are legally in Sri Lanka can play Sanwardana Wasana and win prizes.

Development Fortune (Sanwardana Wasana) Prizes

Development Fortune has an extensive range of prize tiers, which means players benefit from multiple opportunities to win a reward.

The jackpot belongs to those who match the main numbers, the bonus number, and the letter for the respective drawing. There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 10 million rupees. If a specific period goes by without a winner, the sum will roll over towards the next drawing and increase the size of the award.

At the time of article writing (February 15, 2020), the accumulated Sanwardana Wasana jackpot is 51.85 million rupees.

Apart from the jackpot, there are 13 additional prize tiers! That’s pretty nice, taking into consideration the fact that Sanwardana Wasana does not have the best lottery odds there are.

The second prize of 500,000 rupees is available for those who match the three main numbers in the game and the bonus number. Those who match the three main numbers and the letter will win a reward of 100,000 rupees. Matching the three main numbers solely will produce an award of 50,000 rupees.

The smallest prize tier has an award of 20 rupees, and it is provided in three instances – when the player matches one of the main numbers, when they match the bonus number, or when they match the letter for the drawing.

DLB does not provide comprehensive information about the prize claim procedure. The board’s official website, however, features a telephone hotline number that can be used to inquire about getting the sum that the winner is entitled to.

Usually, small sums can be cashed out at all of the DLB authorized retail venues. The payout is going to be immediate. For more substantial amounts, players will potentially have to head to the DLB headquarters, and there could be some waiting time involved.

Sanwardana Wasana Lottery Results

The sooner you check the latest Sanwardana Result, the quicker you can move forward with claiming a prize. Luckily, there are several opportunities you can rely on to get that information.

You can watch the televised live drawing on Wednesday and Friday if you want to have immediate access to the results information. The latest results will also be presented at the authorized retail venues. You can check out the information and claim your reward at the same time in the event of winning something.

Development Lotteries Board also presents Development Fortune result information on its official website.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive source of Sanwardana Wasana lottery results, you can also count on us. This website has the latest drawing information, as well as a results archive. You can use the data from the older drawings to fine-tune your Development Fortune strategy and improve your overall odds of winning a prize.

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