Dhana Nidhanaya

Playing the lottery in Sri Lanka is a lot of fun because you have so many choices! Dhana Nidhanaya is one of those, a flagship lottery in the portfolio of the National Lotteries Board (NLB).

The NLB was set up in 1963, and its first lottery drawing took place in 1964 ever since NLB has one of the primary entities administering games of luck and paying out prizes in Sri Lanka.

Through the years, NLB has introduced many new lotteries – Govisetha, Mahajana Sampatha, Daru Diri Sampatha, Jathika Sampatha, Mega Power, and many others. Dhana Nidhanaya is one of them. Through each lottery that it carries out, NLB generates money for some kind of charitable initiative. In the event of Dhana Nidhanays, some of the funds generated through ticket sales will go to the Consolidated Fund. NLB also raises money for sports, agriculture, children-focused initiatives, and many others.

Hence, you will be testing your luck when playing Dhana Nidhanaya, and you’ll also be supporting the social and economic development of Sri Lanka.

Just like other lotteries in Sri Lanka, Dhana Nidhanaya is a multi-component game. While it’s not the easiest one to beat and it comes with challenging odds, Dhana Nidhanaya compensates players with exceptional prizes. So, what does it take to play and to win? The following Dhana Nidhanaya review will acquaint you with the biggest essentials.

How to Play NLB Dhana Nidhanaya

Dhana Nidhanaya is relatively easy to play. For a chance to win a prize, you will have to choose four numbers in the range from one to 82, as well as one letter from the English alphabet. To win the biggest prize, you’ll have to match both the numbers and the letters for the respective drawing.

The lottery has drawings taking place three times per week – on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

To get your ticket, you will have to visit one of the numerous NLB authorized retail agencies throughout Sri Lanka. NLB’s website features a comprehensive list of the places where tickets can be acquired legally.

When visiting a retail venue, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to play your own set of numbers and a letter. Alternatively, you can choose the quick pick option. In that case, the ticket issuing software will generate a random number on your behalf.

Currently, NLB does not have an online ticket buying option. You will have to be in Sri Lanka, and you’ll have to visit an agency for a chance to get your tickets.

There are no restrictions in terms of the nationality of people who can play official lottery games in Sri Lanka. If you’re staying in the country legally, you have the right to play the games of luck and claim a reward in the event of winning something.

Dhana Nidhanaya Prizes and Payouts

Dhana Nidhanaya is one of the Sri Lankan games offering the biggest payouts. If you are interested in a lottery that has high prizes, this is the one to pursue in the country.

To win the jackpot, you have to match the four numbers and the letter for the respective drawing. Dhana Nidhanaya has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 80 million rupees. In the event of no winner, the sum will roll over towards the next drawing. This way, Dhana Nidhanaya can produce some outstanding jackpots.

At the time of writing (March 15, 2020), the Dhana Nidhanaya advertised jackpot exceeds 111.534 million rupees. And while winning is not easy, such sums can stimulate you to give the lottery a try.

Apart from the jackpot, there are eight additional prize tiers.

The second award is handed to players who match the four main numbers. In that event, the rewarded sum is going to be one million rupees. Matching three numbers and the letter will give you a prize of 100,00 rupees. Multiple smaller prize tiers also exist. The lowest reward can be won two ways – by matching one letter or one number. If you do that, you will receive a small sum of 20 rupees.

Just like other official lottery entities in Sri Lanka, NLB does not provide detailed instructions and information about claiming your reward.

Generally speaking, those who win smaller sums can visit the authorized retail venues in Sri Lanka to make their prize claim. After the verification of the ticket, the payout will be immediate.

Anyone who wins a bigger sum should get in touch with the NLB. There’s a phone number you can use for the purpose. By calling, you’ll find out what you need to do to receive your reward and how long the waiting period is going to be.

Dhana Nidhanaya Results: Where to Check Them

The sooner you come forward to make a prize claim, the better. For the purpose, you will need to find out the latest Dhana Nidhanaya result.

You can get the Dhana Nidhanaya result immediately by watching the weekly drawing taking place on national television if you miss the drawing on TV, head to the NLB official website. The lottery results are published there as soon as the new drawing takes place.

Also, the NLB website features archived Dhana Nidhanaya results and information about the different rewards, the number of winners per prize tier, and the payouts.

Apart from the official sources of information, you have a couple of additional choices when it comes to tracking the performance of Sri Lankan lotteries.

We do our best to publish Dhana Nidhanaya results as soon as the new information becomes available. Besides, we feature an extensive results archive for reference purposes and fine-tuning your number selection strategy.

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