The National Lotteries Board (NLB) has many games under its belt, but as far as popularity goes, Govisetha is the clear winner.

The game has been around since 1995. Initially, it was introduced to help the Sri Lankan Ministry of Finance generate money for the Farmers Trust Fund. As the name suggests, this is an initiative set up to assist farmers and their agricultural activities.

In time, Govisetha gained a lot of prominences. Today, it’s one of the 15 lotteries and scratch-off games being offered by NLB. Over the years, Govisetha has been changed several times to address contemporary realities. The ticket price, for example, was increased in 2008. This change also impacted the jackpot and boosted the prominence of the lottery even further.

So, what exactly is NLB Govisetha, and how do you play? Let’s find out the essential details.

NLB Govisetha Rules

The Govisetha lottery is a bit more complicated than other standard draw-style lotteries. For a chance to win a prize, you will have to select four numbers from one to 77 plus a letter from the English alphabet.

As with many other lotteries across the world, you have the freedom to either choose your letter and number combination or opt for quick pick at the retail venue. When selecting the second option, the NLB lottery software will create a random ticket combination on your behalf.

Currently, a single Govisetha lottery ticket costs Rs 20, an increase from the Rs 10 that applied until 2008.

Govisetha is a daily game, and drawings take place seven days per week. They occur at 9:30 p.m. local time and are televised and broadcast live. If you want to get your Govisetha lottery results as soon as these become available, watching the daily drawing would be the correct approach.

One curious thing about this lottery is that the ticket comes in a different color for every day of the week. There are, however, no other changes between the weekly drawings. Various colors were probably chosen for aesthetic purposes. They don’t represent any differences in the size of the jackpot or the opportunities to win a prize.

NLB Govisetha tickets can be acquired at all of the National Lotteries Board retail venues throughout Sri Lanka. Just make sure you’re there on time to participate in the weekly drawing.

You can be of any nationality and play Govisetha. You’ll have to be in Sri Lanka on a legal visa or permit. At the time being, online Govisetha playing options are unavailable. You have to physically be in the country for your chance of winning a prize. Speaking of awards, here’s what Govisetha has to offer in terms of financial rewards.

Prize Structure for Sri Lanka’s Govisetha

Check the NLB results for Govisetha carefully – there are multiple ways to win a prize.

The most significant opportunity is Govisetha jackpot. For a chance to snatch the top prize, you’ll have to match all of the numbers and the letter for the daily drawing. Currently, Govisetha comes with a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 40 million Rs.

If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, the sum will roll over and pile on top of the award pool for the next drawing. Such rollovers can result in some pretty impressive Govisetha jackpots.

The biggest jackpot to ever be handed to a Govisetha player occurred back in 2016. At the time, the rollovers had contributed to the accumulation of 131.36 million Rs. The official NLB website has a winner section where you can see some other Govisetha player accomplishments and large rewards that have been handed out.

Those who match four numbers correctly will win a fixed amount of one million Rs. It is a pretty frequent accomplishment, and several such prizes have been claimed throughout 2019.

Govisetha offers players seven additional ways to win a prize. Those who have the letter and any three numbers correct will win 100,000 Rs. The lowest prize tier consists of 20 Rs, and it belongs to those who match the letter for the daily drawing.

If you win any sum from Govisetha, you should potentially contact NLB or visit the retail venue where you acquired the ticket. There, you will be provided with additional information on claiming the prize. Unfortunately, the NLB website does not outline the procedure you’ll have to go through to claim a reward.

One thing is sure, however. Just like in all other countries, smaller prize tiers can be cashed out immediately at any retail agency.

In Sri Lanka, an income tax applies to lottery prizes. Keep that in mind, when doing your financial planning in the aftermath of winning an award. Starting in 1991, Sri Lanka’s government imposed an income tax of five percent applying to all prizes. Luckily, that percentage is pretty small in comparison to the tax burden in some other countries.

Since there’s no information about the time window available for making your claim, it’s a good idea to check out the Govisetha lottery results as soon as possible.

For the purpose, you can watch the televised lottery drawing that’s broadcast live. The NLB official website also outlines the latest information for the chosen numbers. You can view that section, or you can visit the results archive for additional details about past winning combinations.

We’re also 100 percent committed to giving you reliable and accurate Govisetha results information.

Do check the results tab – the daily data set will be uploaded as soon as the drawing is completed. We also maintain a results archive that you can use to identify past winning numbers and draw your conclusions about hot and cold numbers.

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