January 26, 2004, was a special day in Sri Lanka. It marked the beginning of yet another lottery that’s a proud member of the Development Lotteries Board (DLB) family. Jayoda’s first-ever drawing occurred on that date. Ever since its launch, Jayoda has had two draws per week, but the days on which these take place have changed.

If you’re somewhat familiar with DLB lotteries, you know that they’re multi-step games that don’t come with the best odds out there.

Jayoda is somewhat of an exception. There are two components for winning an award, and this lottery has better odds than some of the most popular games in Sri Lanka. There’s also a pretty stable guaranteed jackpot that makes the game worth trying.

So what does it take to play and win Sri Lanka’s Jayoda lottery? Let’s check out the essential rules in this comprehensive Jayoda review.

How to Play Jayoda

Since its launch, Jayoda has quickly gained a lot of popularity. Today, it’s one of the most beloved lotteries in Sri Lanka, and it has given millions of people rewards over its 16 years of existence.

To play Jayoda and win a prize, you will have to do two things.

First, you’ll need to choose four main numbers in the range from one to 70. Additionally, you’ll have to add one letter from the English alphabet to your ticket. Your final submission is going to look something like this: 4, 32, 51, 69 + L.

Jayoda drawings take place two times per week – on Tuesday and Thursday. Just like the other DLB tickets, Jayoda has color-coded tickets. The Tuesday ticket is yellow, and the Thursday ticket is orange.

Drawings occur at 9:30 p.m. local time. They are televised and broadcast live on Sri Lanka Rupavahini. If you miss the evening drawing, you can watch a repetition the next morning – at 7:30 a.m. on Channel-Eye.

Buying Jayoda tickets is a relatively simple affair. DLB has an extensive network of retail agents throughout Sri Lanka. You’ll discover at least one nearby venue where you can buy your tickets and instantly claim smaller lottery rewards. When visiting the venue, you will only have to decide which game you’re going to play and if you’ll choose your numbers or go for the quick pick option.

Currently, DLB does not offer online ticket buying. You need to be in Sri Lanka to get your ticket, and you have to visit one of the agents. International lottery agencies that operate online do not support Sri Lankan games at the time being. If you’d like to benefit from such opportunities, you may want to check back periodically with your favorite service provider to find out if there’s been any development.

Jayoda Prizes and Payouts

The original guaranteed jackpot in Jayoda wasn’t as high as it is today.

Since the game has been so popular, however, the DLB decided to boost the minimum guaranteed jackpot to 20 million rupees in 2018.

To win that jackpot, you have to match both the main set of numbers and the letter for the weekly drawing.

In the event of a drawing that doesn’t have a winner, the sum will roll over towards the next one. This way, Jayoda can produce some impressive prizes. Currently (as of March 6, 2020), the advertised Jayoda jackpot is nearly 48 million rupees.

Other than the jackpot, there are eight additional prize tiers.

The second award is handed to those who match all four main numbers. It is still a good amount of one million rupees. Initially, players were given a choice of whether they wanted to get one million rupees or a house of the same value. It’s not clear whether the perk is still available, but that’s a great choice to have.

Those who match three of the numbers and the English letter will receive a prize of 50,000 rupees. The reward for matching only three main numbers is 2,000 rupees.

There’s a minimum award of 20 rupees, and it can be won two ways. You’ll be entitled to 20 rupees if you match one of the winning numbers or the winning letter.

In 2016, Jayoda paid out more than 712 million rupees in awards. There were over 18.3 million winners.

DLB hasn’t provided clear instructions about the prize claim procedure. The board’s website, however, features a hotline telephone number that winners can use to learn a bit more about how to collect their prizes.

Typically, small awards can be cashed out at all of the DLB retail agencies in Sri Lanka. The payout is immediate. For more substantial sums, players will probably have to visit the DLB headquarters, and there’s going to be some waiting period involved.

How to Check Jayoda Lottery Results?

Since we don’t know exactly what the prize claim deadline for Jayoda is, you should check the latest Jayoda result as soon as possible.

Finding the daily Jayoda lottery result is a reasonably simple task.

You can watch the televised Jayoda drawing or the repeat broadcast on the next day. If you miss both of these, you will find the latest results on the DLB official website. The website provides additional information about the current prizes, and the amounts won previously. There is a results archive that you can go through for more details about past winning numbers.

Our website is also dedicated to offering DLB lottery players comprehensive, accurate, and readily accessible information.

Check out our Jayoda result page for the latest numbers, as well as the archived drawings. Such information can be very beneficial for improving your gameplay strategy, especially if you make a strategic numerical selection through hot and cold numbers.

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