Lagna Wasana

Lagna Wasana is an interesting game belonging to the Development Lotteries Board (DLB) portfolio. Not only does it have a numerical component, but there’s also a zodiac component that makes the game quite exciting and fun.

Just like most other DLB games, Lagna Wasana is available daily. It’s affordable, and it can produce some promising rewards for those eager to test their luck.

Initially, the game was launched as Sandawrdana Wasana, but later on, it got renamed. The first drawing took place on October 9, 1998. Lagna Wasana became the second DLB game to have its drawing televised and broadcast live nationally.

This is an entirely legitimate, national Sri Lankan game. DLB is one of the national entities that have the legal authority to organize and hold lotteries, as well as to hand out results to winners. DLB has dozens of authorized retail venues throughout the country, making it easy for anyone to get out there and buy a ticket.

Apart from Lagna Wasana, DLB is also the entity behind popular Sri Lankan games like Ada Kotipathi, Saturday Fortune, Niyatha Jaya, Jayoda, Kotipathi Shanida, and others. The entity has been around ever since 1983, and over the decades, DLB has established itself as a reliable service provider.

Lagna Wasana: How Does It Work

Originally, Lagna Wasana had its drawings taking place only two times per week – on Mondays and Thursdays. Eventually, the popularity of the lottery grew so much that daily drawings were introduced. The rules of the game were also modified to bring in the zodiac symbol component.

The latest regulations and the daily drawings came into existence only in August 2019. So far, however, the particular DLB move has proven to be successful. Lagna Wasana’s reputation is excellent, and the game appeals to many people in Sri Lanka.

To play Lagna Wasana today, you will have to do two things.

For a start, choose four numbers in the range from one to 62. Also, you will need to select one of the 12 zodiac signs as the additional symbol entered on your ticket.

Lagna Wasana drawings take place every single day. The televised results drawing is broadcast live each evening at 9:30 pm local time on Sri Lanka Rupavahini. Ticket purchases are possible until shortly before the evening drawing occurs.

Tickets can be acquired at all of the DLB authorized retail agencies.

When you visit one of the venues, you will have to decide if you are going to play your numbers or opt for a randomly generated ticket that will be created by the DLB software.

You have to adhere to local regulations to get your ticket. There are no restrictions in terms of player nationality. If you’re not a Sri Lanka resident, but you are legally in the country, you are free to buy your Lagna Wasana tickets.

At the time being, DLB does not offer online ticket purchases. Sri Lankan lotteries are also not supported by the online international lottery operators. Your only choice is to be in Sri Lanka and get a ticket in person.

Lagna Wasana Prizes and Payouts

You probably already know what it takes to win the Lagna Wasana jackpot. While the task isn’t that easy to accomplish, the reward justifies the odds.

For a chance to win the daily jackpot, you need to match all four numbers and the zodiac sign for the respective drawing. The jackpot is set at two million Sri Lankan rupees.

Apart from the jackpot, there are eight additional prize tiers. The second biggest prize is handed to those who match the four main numbers. The prize is 500,000 rupees. Matching three of the main numbers and the zodiac sign will result in an award of 10,000 rupees. The lowest prize is 20 rupees, and to win, you will have to match only one of the main numbers.

When the daily drawings were introduced in 2019, DLB also announced the introduction of additional Lagna Wasana drawings that produce special prizes.

Double Chance of Lagna Wasana is an additional game that brings in 1,000 additional prizes.

Do check the DLB website to find out if other special drawings will be held. These take place periodically. The last one occurred in December 2019 when the top winner was awarded a brand new automobile. There were also 26 cash prizes of one million rupees for that respective special drawing.

DLB does not provide a lot of information about the prize claim procedure. There is a telephone hotline you can use to find out where you can get your winnings.

Generally speaking, smaller sums can be cashed out at any of the authorized retail agencies. The payout is going to be immediate. For more substantial sums, a player will have to visit the DLB headquarters and follow the prize claim procedure. In Sri Lanka, the identity of big lottery winners is revealed – something to keep in mind when playing.

Lagna Wasana Lottery Results: Where to Find Them

The latest Lagna Wasana result can be obtained as soon as the daily drawing takes place.

The Lagna Wasana lottery result for the day is announced live on TV. If you want immediate information, this is the strategy to pursue. The Lagna Wasana lottery results page on the DLB website is also updated daily. There, you can also check if you’ve won anything.

Lagna Wasana lottery results are also provided here. Please check out the respective section or go to our predictions to see which numbers can potentially improve your chances of winning a Lagna Wasana prize.

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