Mahajana Sampatha

Mahajana Sampatha is another prominent National Lotteries Board (NLB) entry. If you’re looking for multiple ways to snatch a prize, this lottery is probably the one you should be directing your attention towards.

NLB introduced Mahajana Sampatha in 1970 after renaming a previous game called Jathika Sampatha. Initially, this was a weekly drawing. NLB decided to experiment further with Mahajana Sampatha by introducing a daily drawing called Chance.

It turned out that people wanted to play Mahajana Sampatha more often than just once per week. NLB obliged, and today, the lottery features multiple drawings every week. Mahajana Sampatha, by NLB, is one of the oldest and most beloved games in Sri Lanka.

There are several excellent Mahajana Sampatha lottery features. The rules are clear, and the game is relatively easy to play. Although claiming the top prize isn’t such a simple accomplishment, there are various other opportunities for claiming a prize and having a rewarding experience.

How to Win Mahajana Sampatha: Game Rules

Mahajana Sampatha is similar to Govisetha in the gameplay methodology.

To participate, you have to select six numbers and one letter from the alphabet. The cost of a single ticket is 20 rupees, slightly up from a previous price of 10 rupees. The increase occurred at a time when a new award structure was also introduced. Higher prices meant that the lottery could offer more rewards and a bigger payout to the players.

When playing Mahajana Sampatha, you can decide to use your numbers, or you can opt for the quick pick option. The second one has the lottery software generating a combination for you randomly at the time of the ticket purchase.

Weekly Mahajana Sampatha drawings take place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Each drawing is televised and broadcast live, allowing you to check out the latest Mahajana Sampatha results as soon as these become available.

You can get your Mahajana Sampatha ticket from any authorized NLB retail venue. These agencies are scattered throughout Sri Lanka due to the popularity of the 15 draw-style games and scratch off lotteries offered by the board.

There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of people who can play the lottery. If you’re interested, you’ll need to be in Sri Lanka for a purchase to occur.

At the time being, NLB games like Mahajana Sampatha aren’t available for online purchase. The board does not have its web-based portal, and international lottery agencies don’t support the online buying of Sri Lankan lottery tickets.

Prizes and Mahajana Sampatha Results

Since there are six digits and a number drawn every single time, Nahajana Sampatha is characterized by various prize tiers.

The biggest reward is the jackpot, and you’ll win it by matching both the numbers and the letter for the respective drawing. There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 10 million Rs per drawing. In the event of no winner, the sum will roll over towards the next weekly drawing. Hence, Mahajana Sampatha can produce some pretty juicy jackpots.

2006 is the year that marks the falling of the biggest jackpot in the history of Mahajana Sampatha. At the time, the jackpot amount had reached 61.3 million Rs. While this happened some time ago, the accomplishment has been unsurpassed ever since.

There are 11 additional prize tiers that players can look forward to. The second award is handed to those who match the six numbers correct. These players will claim two million Rs. Matching five numbers right produces a prize of 100,000 rupees. The smallest reward is handed out to those who only match the letter for the drawing, and it’s 20 Rs.

Keep in mind that Mahajana Sampatha will occasionally hand out awards in the form of objects. These are typically cars – another pretty cool addition to the Sri Lankan lottery you could be looking forward to.

Unfortunately, the NLB does not provide a ton of information for winners. There are no clearly outlined rules on the NLB website about how you should move forward with a prize claim. Probably the best approach would involve calling the NLB (there is a national hotline) or visiting the retail agency where the ticket was bought.

For small sums, you’ll probably be capable of making a prize claim at any NLB outlet. The procedure for more substantial rewards, however, isn’t publicly announced, and you’ll need to get the details in person.

As a winner, you should understand the fact that Sri Lanka does impose a lottery prize tax. Any sum you have won from a lottery in Sri Lanka will be subjected to a five percent income tax bracket. That’s essential to consider when doing a bit of financial planning in the aftermath of winning the lottery.

Since there’s no information about the amount of time available for coming forward and making a prize claim, it would be in your best interest to contact NLB as soon as you find out that you’ve won.

There are several opportunities for checking out the latest Mahajana Sampatha results.

The Mahajana Sampatha lottery results are announced on national TV live while the drawing is taking place.

If you miss the drawing, you can check out the NLB website and see the latest drawing results, as well as information for some of the past drawings.

Finally, you can rely on us for accurate and frequently updated Mahajana Sampatha lottery results information. The newest results are provided as soon as the weekly drawing takes place. We also maintain an extensive results archive that you can rely on for reference purposes.

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