Mega Power

Are you ready to learn a bit more about one of the most popular National Lotteries Board games in Sri Lanka? As you’ve gathered from the title already, this game is called Mega Power, and it provides official, legitimate opportunities to claim some pretty major prizes.

The National Lotteries Board (NLB)was established a long, long time ago – back in 1963 with an official national decree. Sri Lanka’s first NLB lottery draw occurred in 1964, and the board has been going strong ever since.

When playing NLB games, you are contributing to the national betterment. This is an important charitable perk you may want to keep in mind when attempting to get your hands on some easy lottery cash. As per the official NLB presentation, 10 percent of the funds generated through Mega Power sales go to a consolidated fund that’s later on utilized to finance charitable causes and social initiatives.

So, what exactly does it take to play Mega Power? The following guide will acquaint you with some of the most significant essentials and the rules you’ll have to follow.

NLB Mega Power Rules

Mega Power is a national Sri Lankan lottery that is drawn three times per week – on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

There are several reasons why the game is called “mega” and why it appeals to so many people.

NLB Mega Power has not one but three supercharged prize tiers – a mega super prize, a power super prize, and a grand super prize. These are not fixed amounts. If a certain time goes by without a winner, the size of the three top awards will increase, allowing players to win a considerable amount potentially.

A single ticket entry costs only 20 rupees. This is the second biggest reason why Mega Power is definitely worth giving a try to.

For a chance to win a prize from this game, a player will have to meet several conditions. For a start, they’ll need to choose a set of four numbers in the range from one to 80. There is also an additional super number from one to 26 and a letter from the English alphabet as the last component.

As you can see, there’s a lot to do and various conditions to meet to be eligible for a huge prize. The best odds don’t characterize the game. The fact that winning from Mega Power is challenging, however, contributes to the accumulation of the pretty massive prizes.

Tickets can be acquired at all of the NLB authorized retail venues throughout Sri Lanka. More information about those and their addresses can be found on the official NLB website. When visiting a venue, a player can decide whether they’re going to use their numbers or have a random combination printed on the ticket at the time of the purchase.

Currently, NLB lotteries like Mega Power aren’t available for online ticket purchases. You will have to be in Sri Lanka at the time the drawing takes place to participate. The good news is that there’s no restriction when it comes to the nationality of the people who can play the lottery.

Mega Power Lottery Prizes and Payouts

Right now, Sri Lanka has gone crazy over NLB Mega Power because the top prize exceeds 200 million rupees. It’s not every day that such a massive, life-changing amount accumulates in one of the licensed national lottery prize pools.

Even when such exceptional sums aren’t reached, the Mega Power lottery will tend to produce some pretty decent awards.

To claim the mega super prize, players will need to match the four main numbers, the super number and the alphabet letter drawn for the respective drawing. There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 50 million rupees. If the sum isn’t won, it will roll over towards the next drawing.

The power super prize is handed to those who get the four main numbers and the letter correct. The minimum guaranteed amount is 10 million rupees. The third major prize tier is the grand super prize. It belongs to those who match the four main numbers and the super number. There is also a prize of 10 million rupees as a minimum for that prize tier.

Since there hasn’t been a winner for some time already, the current prize levels have gotten to be quite high. By January 29,2020, the mega super prize pool has reached to 210.76 million rupees. The power super prize pool is 16.95 million rupees, and the grand super prize pool is 14.7 million rupees.

If there’s more than one winner in any of the tiers, the sum is divided equally among all.

Apart from the big awards, there are eight additional prize tiers. Those who match the four main numbers will win one million rupees. The smallest award is handed to those who only get the letter correct, or one of the main numbers correct and the amount will be 20 rupees.

NLB doesn’t provide specific information about the prize claim procedure. Players who have gotten lucky can visit one of the NLB retail venues for some additional instructions, or they can call the board’s hotline for more information (the telephone number is provided on the NLB official website).

NLB Mega Power Results

Checking out the latest NLB Mega Power result makes it easy to undertake the next required action in the event of winning a prize.

You have several reliable sources that will help you accomplish the task.

All of the information about the Mega Power results is available on the NLB official website. There, you can find the latest result, and you’ll also discover an archive.

Our website is also committed to providing accurate information about the most popular Sri Lankan lotteries. Check out the latest Mega Power result in the respective section or use the archived information for reference purposes and fine-tuning your strategy.

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