Privacy Policy

NLB Results is fully committed to the protection of personal data and the information that website visitors share with us. The following privacy policy outlines all of the terms and the conditions that apply to the collection of personal data and its processing by NLB Results.

NLB Results Privacy Policy Overview

The NLB Results privacy policy lists the types of information that the website could collect from you and how this information is going to be protected/safeguarded. For GDPR and other data protection regulations, the term “processing” in this document will refer to all of how information is collected, stored, transferred, used, and modified by NLB Results.

If you disagree with the data processing terms and conditions stated in this document, please leave NLB Results.

NLB Results is committed to protecting all personal information and data submitted to or shared with us. For the sake of transparency, we will thoroughly outline these processes and give website visitors a comprehensive overview of how their data is going to be handled after it is submitted to NLB Results.

Our privacy policy and our data collection practices are in full compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulatory frameworks. Based on these frameworks, we are obliged to inform you about data processing, our responsibilities, and obligations when it comes to how your data is being collected, utilized, stored, and protected.

NLB Results will not share your information with third parties, sell or distribute the data that we have collected. If exceptions to this general rule exist, they will be outlined in the following sections of the privacy policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The current version of the privacy policy is in effect, and it governs all data collection and processing activities. We may periodically change the privacy policy to address new regulatory requirements. Please check this page regularly to find the modifications and to determine if you agree with the current version of the document.

Types of Information We Process

NLB Results could collect or process the following types of information from our website visitors:

  • Name and contact information (email address, for example)
  • Date of birth, gender, age, and nationality
  • Information obtained from third parties
  • Analytics/marketing data
  • All other kinds of information you decide to share with NLB Results whenever you get in touch with us via the website’s contact form

These types of information could be collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • To verify the identity of a website visitor
  • To ensure the security of the website
  • To provide a user with relevant suggestions and information based on the data that they’ve shared with us
  • To assist legal authorities in an eventual investigation

All of the data collected from website visitors is available in the NLB Results database. While this information can be used to improve the performance of the website and the content of the site, individual data is not personally identifiable.

How Personal Information Is Being Collected

We may employ one of the following ways to collect personal information from website visitors:

  • Through the information that you decide to share with us when you get in touch with NLB Results via the contact form
  • Whenever data is generated automatically as a result of your website visit
  • All of the information you share when filling out forms or engaging in online discussions

All of this data must be processed to ensure the delivery of relevant content and adequate interactions with the NLB Results team. Some specific applications include the writing of articles, the updating of our database records, and the performance of market research or website analysis.

Data Protection and Dissemination to Third Parties

NLB Results will not use the information that you share with us; this information will not be shared with third parties or external service providers.

Keep in mind, however, that anything you publish online in the form of a comment or an opinion post is public. Thus, it is your responsibility to determine what kinds of information you are going to reveal in such publications. The NLB Results team cannot be held responsible for anything you reveal willingly in comments and publications shared via the web platform.

The only exception to the rules outlined above is an investigation or a regulatory audit. In such instances, NLB Results may be legally obliged to share some of your data with a third party like a regulatory or a law enforcement agency.

Removal of Website Content

NLB Results is a public internet website. This means that anyone can access the information presented on its pages.

Also, visitors are free to publish content that they believe would be beneficial to the topic of the website. The NLB Results team reserves moderation rights. All user-generated content is monitored, and it may be deleted for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Defamatory content
  • Derogatory content
  • Content that insults others
  • Content that features racist, sexist or remarks that are deemed offensive in any other way
  • All other kinds of content that go against the NLB Results terms and conditions

If you believe that any content published on the website falls under one of the categories mentioned above, please get in touch with the NLB Results team immediately. We will do our best to moderate user-generated content and remove remarks that violate our policies on time.

Withdrawal of Consent

The personal information that we collect and process is available for viewing any time you decide you need access to such data.

If you wish to get all of your personal information, please get in touch with NLB Results via our contact form.

Besides, you can contact us if you wish to withdraw your consent for the storage and the processing of your personal data.

Cookies Policy

NLB Results uses cookies to ensure better user experience.

Cookies are data files placed on your computer by the internet browser you use to access websites like NLB Results. Cookies allow for the offline storage of online information, making the browsing experience faster and better optimized to your needs the next time you come to the website.

The cookies stored on your computer are designed to last a certain amount of time and expire. You can also delete cookies by following some easy instructions.

The specific ways in which NLB Results uses cookies include:

  • Tracking your usage of the website
  • Checking out if a message that we displayed has been viewed during your visit of NLB Results
  • Maintaining information about surveys and polls that we’ve carried out

We may record the information from the requests made by your browser during a website visit. Some of that information could include:

  • Your IP address
  • Your location
  • The IS you are using
  • The type of software you’re utilizing

All of this information is required to give you a better, faster, and more personalized browsing experience.

Third-Party Content on NLB Results

Occasionally, NLB Results may carry out advertising campaigns and content/promo partnerships with third parties. Depending on the nature of the partnership, information about our website visitors could be collected.

For data collection, we will utilize cookies. The information, however, will not be personally identifiable, and we will follow through with our policies for sharing information with third parties.

Data Processing and Protections Outside the European Union (EU) is hosted outside of the European Union. We will, however, occasionally process information provided by visitors within EU member states.

Data coming from the EU could still be processed outside the Union if adherence to GDPR is ensured. NLB Results is fully committed to following the GDPR framework for the protection of personal information.

Personal Data Retention

The data collected by NLB Results will be maintained for the amount of time required for the provision of high-quality content and excellent online services.

The period during which personal data is going to be stored will also depend on retention and regulatory frameworks. To ensure compliance, we may have to store personal data for a specific amount of time that’s stated within the specific legislation.

Your Rights, As Ensured by Personal Data Protection Laws

Every website visitor and internet user is entitled to certain protections as specific regulatory frameworks envision them:

  • As of May 2018, website users are entitled to a specific set of protections under the GDPR
  • You have the right to know and request from us information about all of the personal information we have collected and processed
  • You have the right to request the correction or the removal of your personal information from NLB Results
  • You can object to our data collection and processing methods
  • You are entitled to limiting the amount of personal information we process
  • You have the right to be forgotten
  • You have the right to request a move or the creation of a copy of your personal information

If you have objections or specific privacy requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the NLB Results team via our contact form. We will do our best to respond promptly and assist you with the specific concern you may have.

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